Save Our Pets!

It is no surprise that there are millions of abandoned pets due to the economy.  Pets are left behind in foreclosed homes and after people are evicted from rentals.  You’d think that the decision to part with the pet would be difficult, but looking at them every day while you try to find a place for them is agonizing.  My recent situation has put me in that situation.  I made the decision to find a home for my girls (2 kitties), but I can’t find a home for them.  Locally, the abandoned pet problem is at a crisis point and I’m sure the problem isn’t limited to my area

I made the painful decision and started to call rescue groups to find a home for my two girls.  I had hoped to find a home where they could stay together, but I’m now trying to find any place that won’t euthanize them.  I started with the rescues that I contacted to adopt my girls when I first got them.  But those groups are filled to capacity and since they are no-kill they cannot accept any more. 

I called every rescue I could find withing 150 miles of me without luck.  Some are so full that they won’t pick up the phone.  Several just play recorded messages that said they cannot accept any new rescues under any circumstances and ask you to leave a message if you want to donate or adopt a pet.  I doubt this is a problem limited to my area since the economy has hit everywhere.

I have posted ads on Craigslist and Backpage. I have called every vet within a reasonable distance and I have talked to every person I know and have asked them to look around.  The stress is awful and it prolongs the loss.

There are millions of people like me struggling with this decision and we need your help.

What Can You Do to Help?

  • Adopt –  If you have been considering adopting a pet please consider moving up your plans.  Every day that you put off the decision, thousands of loving pets are euthanized.  You could save one or two of them but making that decision.
  • Foster – If you aren’t ready to adopt, consider fostering an animal.  Fostering will give you the opportunity to see what your life would be like with a pet in your home without the long-term commitment.  Or if you have animals but cannot commit to another one for the long haul fostering is a great option.  Contact your local rescue group to ask about foster care.
  • Pet Sit – If you know of someone who may have to surrender their pets offer to take them in for a few months.  Offer enough time to allow the pet owner can become financially stable.  You will be helping a person and an animal with that magnanimous gesture.
  • Allow Pets in Your Rental Properties – If you are a landlord who doesn’t allow pets, please consider changing your policy.  You will have fewer vacancies and happier tenants.
  • Other Ways to Help – Donate to or volunteer for a no-kill rescue group.  They are overburdened right now and could use your help.
  • Spread the Word – Talk about the crisis with your friends and family and urge them to take action. Pass this post around.  If you know of someone considering adoption or fostering an animal urge them to adopt from or foster for a local no-kill rescue group.

And if you happen to live anywhere in Eastern Missouri or near St. Louis please contact me.  Two beautiful, healthy, loving kitties await your call.

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